(or otherwise made overly feminine, micro-managed or overcooked.)

Another Photo


Here’s a picture of me on a recent vacation.  My wife seems to always have her finger over the lens and has ruined many photos over the years.  Perhaps this is intentional and I should consider it a message of sorts.


This photo was submitted by Brendan.

My Ability to Eat Freely


denied these include failing

I used to order food to my hearts content, but for the sake of my heart, my wife now prevents me from indulging.  It’s a struggle at times and appreciated at others.

This photo was submitted by Todd.

My Car


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This photo was submitted by Thomas.

Home Cooked Meal


SMWR… my dreams of having a nice home cooked meal when I get home from work. I can’t fault her on her presentation skills, but this partially burnt grilled cheese simply didn’t quench the hunger.  Perhaps meat, fruits and vegetables in their respective sections would have prevented me from posting.

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This post was submitted by Christopher.

Fire Hazard


The good news is that our dryer is not actually ruined, simply under performing after years of lint removal neglect.

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Submitted by: RSH