(or otherwise made overly feminine, micro-managed or overcooked.)

Her Electronics



The first picture here is her old laptop, mind you the laptop is only 1 year old… The hinge no longer works you have to hold it at a certain angle otherwise you end up with the lines on the left side of the picture…

Picture #2 is power cord #3 for her Android phone (which has managed to last 6 months more than her laptop) all the cords are broke in the SAME SPOT…


Submitted by: SprayPaint

Anything I Can Do, She Can Do Better



After someone backed into my car in a parking lot leaving a very small dent in the bumper, I had it repaired at a local center. When it was complete, I had my wife pick it up, where she then proceeded to drive 2 miles to pick our son up from school, and 2 1/2 miles back home. She never made it home with the car, instead, she swears “some moron” ran a red light and she t-boned him, ripping off my brand new bumper that was less than 15 minutes old.

Submitted by: Justin

Birthdays and Hobby



So it is my birthday and I want to take one day out of the weekend to indulge in my one hobby, my wifes response: ” What you want to airsoft? Why? Wouldn’t you rather do ‘something I want to do but say it like you want to do it.’”

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I love her but she finds 100000000000000000 ways to convince me to do things I do not want to do but make me think I wanted to do it.

Submitted by: Marty

Blown Boat Engine



My wife was driving this little boat down the river and struck something in the water. The prop spun off leaving no load on the engine. We were dead in the water. So she decides to rev it up. Since there was no load on the engine it revved up well past what it should. She found this profoundly hilarious. So she threw the throttle wide open and continued to laugh and dance around as the old engine screamed for mercy. In the first picture, she is posed in front of the engine as it is screaming for mercy.


After about 45 minutes of full bore revving, it finally blew and puked parts out the left side of the motor, through the case and into the water. The second picture is of her laughing hysterically at the poor engine and the thrashing she gave it.
She has blown several car engines over the years but never in a bikini! It was very hot!


Submitted by: John

Christmas Present…



I thought this table cloth was perfect, except it has some fold marks creased into it after taking it out of the package. Genius idea popped into my head to just toss it in the dryer for a sec on the “dewrinkle” setting! Totally got the wrinkles out though…
Even if one side of it was vinyl…

course makes their

Submitted by: Kari R